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So which Siam Smile treatment is best suited for your needs? Here’s a more thorough review of our Walsall Thai Massage services:

Thai Massage

A summary of Thai Massage was outlined on our homepage. While Thai Massage has been influenced by Indian, Chinese and other South East Asian practises, it has its own unique characteristics.

While each session is tailored to the individual, Thai Massage typically takes the following form; The massage recipient is asked to lie on a firm mat and is often positioned in an array of yoga-style stretches and positions. Deep, rhythmic pressures are performed resulting in a state of deep relaxation and well-being.

Prices — 60 minutes £40

Oil Massage (& Facial)

During the oil massage blends of essentials oils are used. Oil massage is applied with rhythmic pressure across the bodies meridians to revitalize the body.  A hot towel is rested on your back to compliment our treatment. *Hot oil and the facial are optional. 

Prices — 60 minutes £ 35, 90 minutes £55

Facial By Nuskin Galvanic Spa

Details to follow shortly. 

Price — £20

Reflexology Foot Massage

Traditional Thai Massage decrees there are over 7000 pressure points on the sole of the foot. By applying pressure to specific areas a reflex action in another region of the body is stimulated. Pressure, expertly applied, can enhance well-being.

Prices — 15 minutes £10, 30 minutes £20, 60 minutes £35, 90 minutes £55

Sports Massage

Ploy offers massage geared to accelerating recovery and enhance athletic performance. Sports massage includes kneading, muscle pressure, manipulation and articulating joints. *A more intensive treatment incorporating Thai stretches is available too. 

Prices — 60 minutes £ 40, 2 hours £75, * (Sport & Thai Massage) 60 minutes £40

Back, Head & Shoulders

Among our new special offers is our back, head and shoulders treatment.

15 minutes £10, 30 minutes £20, 60 minutes £35

Hands & Deluxe Manicure

More details to follow shortly. 

90 minutes £50

Introducing Therapeutic Massage

Try our new therapeutic massage to help alleviate those aches and pains. Prices for this treatment are based on a consultation with our clients. 

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Customer Notice — Please be aware we provide a professional massage service only. We provide therapeutic massage to all genders and all ages. We DO NOT provide any kind of sexual service or sensual massage. Please respect our therapists by not asking for this kind of service.