Thai Massage in Walsall

Massage Therapy

Whether you’d like us to alleviate your aches and pains or just want an enhanced sense of well being we’re here to help. We have a range of Thai Massage Therapy treatments available:

Traditional Thai Massage
Sports Massage
Hot Candle Massage
Hot Oil Massage
Back, Head and Shoulders Massage
Hands and Arms Massage
Foot Massage

Thai massage is celebrated as a medical discipline in its homeland. In Thailand massage is a discipline that has been refined and perfected for 2000 years and revered for its healing properties. People turn to Thai massage for a variety of reasons. They include chronic aches and pains, stress or just to enhance overall well-bring. Siam Smile are proud to be practitioners of this tradition. While Thai Massage has been influenced by Indian, Chinese and other South East Asian practises, it has its own unique characteristics.

Massage Treatments
Traditional Thai Massage in Walsall

Traditional Thai Massage

This traditional healing technique has been refined in Thailand over centuries. While each session is tailored to the individual, Thai Massage typically takes the following form; the massage recipient is asked to lie on a firm mat and is often positioned in an array of yoga-style stretches and positions. It works more deeply than other types of massage because it involved stretching and deep pressure on particular points of the body. Traditional Thai Massage does not include oil, we will provide comfortable clothing for you to wear during your treatment.

You therapist will begin by loosening your muscles up. Deep, rhythmic pressures are performed resulting in a state of deep relaxation and well-being. Afterwards you will feel amazing!

Therapeutic Massage

Try our new therapeutic massage to help alleviate those aches and pains. Prices for this treatment are based on a consultation with our clients.

Sports Massage

Ploy offers deep tissue massage which is geared to treat muscle strain and chronic pain as well as accelerating recovery and enhance athletic performance. The therapist uses a variety of techniques to penetrate in to the muscles throughout the treatment.  It is designed to penetrate in to the deep layers of muscles to release toxins and improve blood flow within the body to stimulate and assist recovery. During this treatment oil is used. *A more intensive treatment incorporating Thai stretches is available too.

Oil & Hot Massage

During the oil massage blends of essentials oils are used. Oil massage is applied with rhythmic pressure across the bodies meridians to revitalize the body.  A hot towel is rested on your back to compliment our treatment. *Hot oil and the facial are optional.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Traditional Thai Massage decrees there are over 7000 pressure points on the sole of the foot. By applying pressure to specific areas a reflex action in another region of the body is stimulated. Pressure, expertly applied, can enhance well-being.

Hot Candle Spa Massage

Hot Candle Spa Massage is perfect as a body moisturiser. It will nourigh the skin giving it a warm healthy glow. This pure essential treatment has detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits. After your treatment not only will you feel great but you will smell great too! Pure indulgence!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that is specialised to help the Lymphatic system generate health functioning of immune mechanisms, blood circulation, and to maintain the body’s balance of fluid. This massage uses various motion over the patient’s body in order to stimulate the Lymphatic system. This way, the massage therapist generates the easy movement of the lymph through the lymph node and tissues. It is important to note, that the massage therapist is specialised to steer clear of the compression of vessels, while aiming to stimulate the Lumphatic systems.

Back, Head & Shoulders

Among our new special offers is our back, head and shoulders treatment.

Hands & Arms Massage

Children 5-13 years

Oil Massage – full body

Facial by Nuskin Galvanic Spa


Traditional Thai Massage
60 mins £45, 90 mins £70

Sports Massage
60 mins £45, 90 mins £70

Sports Massage (deep tissue with stretching)
60 mins £45, 90 mins £70

Hot Oil Massage (relaxing massage)
30 mins £30 (full body)
60 mins £40 (full body)
90 mins £65 (full body)

Back, Head & Shoulder Massage
60 mins £45 (deep tissue massage)
60 mins £40 (relaxing massage)
30 mins £25

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (recommended 90 mins)
60 mins £50, 90 mins £75
facial express 30 mins £25

Facial (face list and Lymphatic Drainage)
60 mins £50, 90 mins £75

Wax Face Lift
90 mins £75

Foot Massage
60 mins £40, 30 mins £25

Hands & Arms Massage
60 mins £40, 30 mins £25

Children 5 yes to 13 yes Oil massage full body
30 mins £30


If relaxation is more of what you want, tell your therapist and she will make you feel like you couldn’t lift a single muscle… Hot Candle Spa Massage is perfect as a body moisturiser.  It will nourish the skin giving it a warm healthy glow.  This pure essential treatment has detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits. After your treatment not only will you feel great but you will smell great too!  Pure indulgence!

Still Can’t Decide…?

If you cannot decide which treatment to take, the therapist will recommend the best option based upon your individual need.

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